Flood protection for your doors

The most common opening on a building that people wish to protect against flooding is their front and back doors, and we offer solutions for standard and non standard doors.

  • Floodshield Barrier - Standard doors

    Specifically designed for the standard, inward opening front and back door, with the distance between the frames being under one metre. Its patented system means it can be removed and installed in seconds, is easy to store, and light enough for anyone to use. It really is the only flood protection your doors will ever need.

  • Floodsax - Non standard doors

    A small number of front and back doors however, do not work with Floodshield. This can be because they are wider than normal, are outward opening, or have no useable doorframe. In these circumstances we offer FloodSax. Whilst not having the convenience of Floodshield, they provide flexible, high-performing, flood protection for your door.

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Other flood protection solutions

  • Patio Doors & Garages

    Check out our product range designed for wider openings and diversion of flood water.

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  • Airbrick Covers

    The ideal product to cover the air bricks built into most houses to allow them to breath.

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  • Flood Clean-up/Accessories

    Products to help with those smaller entry points and the eventual clean up from a flood.

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Spill Monster Absorbent Powder

Eats spills. Kills germs. Swallows odours.

Have Spill Monster on hand for your next emergency, he will contain and clean up any spill in a flash, stopping contamination and nasty tumbles before they even have a chance.

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