In addition to protecting the larger, more obvious, openings in your house from flooding, it is also worth thinking about the other ways water can get in.

  • Downstairs toilets

  • Overflow pipes

  • Tumble dryer vents

  • Cable access holes

  • Poor condition doorframes

  • Un-flat door sills

Unfortunately, it is often not until we are in a flood situation that some of these become apparent. As such, we have assembled a number of products that can help you in these situations.

And no matter how well you protect your home, once the flood has gone, there will be some clean up to do. We offer a range of products to help make this as easy as possible.

Our product range

Other flood protection solutions

  • Front & Back Doors

    We have all the products you need to stop flood water entering your property through doors.

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  • Patio Doors & Garages

    Check out our product range designed for wider openings and diversion of flood water.

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  • Airbrick Covers

    The ideal product to cover the air bricks built into most houses to allow them to breath.

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