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Toilet Stopper

Toilet Stopper

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Unfortunately, when flood water rises, it will rise in your drains too. If you have a downstairs toilet then this can result in foul water coming up through the basin and into your house.

The Toilet Stopper simply inserts into the toilet, and then is inflated with a bicycle pump (not included) once it is beyond the u-bend. The rising water will then force the stopper against the piping preventing it from entering your house.
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Customer Reviews

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Paul Wilkinson
Hope we never need to use them

These seem a great idea pity no shower and bath covers but we think we will use stick-on air brick covers

Crap material

Only had this a few days and the whole thing popped. The material is crap and not worth the salt.

Hi Jason - I'm very sorry to hear that you had a problem with the product. We have not had that issue before and test the product extensively, so I am disappointed you have had this experience. If you can send us an email then we can arrange to send you through a replacement, or if you prefer, we are course happy to give you a full refund.
Many thanks

Postage and package too expensive

Your postage and package is so expensive considering how light my package was

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