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Flood Cube (pack of 4)

Flood Cube (pack of 4)

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  • Water activated flood protection

  • Fully activates in just 5 minutes

  • Can be stack up to 1.2m in height

  • Secure handles to make positioning easy

  • 5 Year shelf life when unopened

The Flood Cube provides an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution to protecting both commercial & domestic properties from damage and loss caused by surface water flooding. It is not only effective at forming a barrier, but can also be used divert the flow of water. Fabricated with integral handles, the Flood Cube is easy to handle and deploy ready for activation.

One pack of 4 Flood Cube can be laid out to protect:

  • 1 row of 4: a span of 160cm to a height of 15cm
  • 2 rows of 2: a span of 80cm to a height of 30cm
  • 4 rows of 1: a span of 40cm to a height of 60cm

So for a standard patio door of 200cm wide, 5 packs of Flood Cube will protect to a height of 60cm.



  1. Activate the Flood Cube by submerging in fresh water or by soaking with a hosepipe - Note, do not use salt water

  2. Partial activation will occur in under 3 minutes, it will become fully activated in around 5 minutes

  3. Place the activated bags in position. They can be stacked up to 1.2m high if a wall-like construction is required

  4. After use the internal, non-toxic material can be dispersed in to the ground

  5. The outer sack should be disposed of in landfill or incinerated in accordance with local authority guidelines

Technical Specification:

  • Pack Quantity 4
  • Absorbency Each Approx. 18-20 Litres of Water 
  • Flat Dimensions 400mm x 360mm x 30mm
  • Activated Dimensions: 400mm x 360mm x 150mm 


  • Homes
  • Shops
  • Garages
  • Doors, gateways & driveways
  • Commercial properties
  • Divert water flow


  • Vacuum packed for easy storage
  • Lightweight construction
  • Integrated handles facilitate effortless handling
  • Can be stacked up to 1.2m high
  • Each fully activated sack weighs approx. 20kg which provides a stable barrier
  • Stores, unopened, for up to 5 years


  • Outer Bag - Ultrasonic, non-woven polypropylene
  • Internal Fill - Hydrophilic nano-SAP
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