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Flood Emergency Pack

We know from personal experience that sometimes you only really find out where water can get into your house when it is already coming in. Our Emergency Flood Pack contains various tools which will help you block nasty surprises. Note that the pack can only be shipped to the UK.

The Emergency Pack contains the following items: 
    • A canister of expanding foam: this will quickly fill holes and gaps that water is leaking through. The applicator allows it to easily be used underwater, which is very useful in real flood conditions. The foam can be easily removed once waters subside.

    • Four putty pads: think turbo-powered Bluetak! Ideal for blocking weaknesses that you don't want to spraying foam down, such as overflow pipes, weep holes and larger gaps.

    • Two FloodSax: can be used to help soak up flood water that is getting in, for blocking downstairs shower plugs, or for general re-enforcement of flood defences.