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You've landed exactly where you need to be for Door Flood Protection, where our priority is to shield the most vulnerable access points of your home. Floodwaters often seek the path of least resistance, typically through your front and back doors, underscoring the importance of having robust defences ready. Discover our selection of door flood protection solutions, designed to fortify your home against flood damage and maintain your tranquility through the stormiest of weathers.

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How do you protect your door from floodwater?

Protecting your doors from floodwater is crucial in minimising damage to your property. Our Door Flood Protection range includes innovative solutions tailored for both standard and non-standard doors, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

  • Floodshield Barrier:

    Specially designed for standard, inward-opening doors, this barrier offers a quick and secure fit for doorways with a frame distance of under one meter. Its patented system allows for swift installation and removal, providing unbeatable protection with minimal effort.

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  • Floodsax:

    For doors that are wider than usual, outward opening, or lack a usable doorframe, Floodsax offer a versatile and highly effective alternative. These flexible sacks can be deployed quickly to form a barrier against incoming water, adapting to the unique contours and spaces around your doors.

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  • Osmo Barrier:

    Utilising the natural process of absorption, this barrier swells upon contact with water, creating a strong blockade against floodwaters, ideal for additional door protection.

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  • Flood Cube:

    Stackable and easy to arrange, Flood Cubes can be used to build a custom barrier around any door, offering flexibility and robust defence in flood-prone areas.

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  • Reusable Long Flood Barrier:

    This long, flexible barrier can be laid out to protect larger doorways or garage entrances, providing a continuous defence line against water entry.

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How can our Flood Barrier range help you?

Our selection spans from the pioneering Floodshield Door Barrier, acclaimed for its simple setup and solid defence, to the adaptable Osmo Flood Barrier, perfect for quick deployment during emergencies.

Additionally, we offer the NOAQ Boxwall, a portable flood barrier that delivers both flexibility and durability, as well as the NoFloods FlexWall for widespread, large-scale flood protection. For a robust, enduring option, our Reusable Long Flood Barrier is prepared to shield your property from water ingress.

Why choose the Floodshield Door Barrier

The Floodshield Door Barrier excels in its simplicity, efficiency, and dependability. Crafted through extensive research and validated by real-world application, this barrier is engineered to provide top-tier defence against flooding.

Ease of Installation: No tools or permanent modifications are required

Proven Effectiveness: Rigorously tested in both lab and real-world conditions

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of door sizes and types

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which flood protection product is right for my door?

The right product depends on your door type and size. Standard doors benefit most from the Floodshield Barrier, while non-standard doors may require Floodsax or other flexible solutions. Our team is always ready to advise on the best fit for your needs.

Can the Floodshield Barrier be used on double doors?

Yes, we now offer Floodshield Barriers designed for double doors, providing they meet the width and order requirements. For wider doorways, additional products like Floodsax may be recommended for complete protection.

How quickly can I set up the Floodshield Barrier in case of a flood warning?

The Floodshield Barrier is designed for quick installation, typically taking only seconds to set up once you’re familiar with the process, ensuring you can react swiftly to flood warnings.

Can Floodsax be used for windows and other entry points as well?

Absolutely, Floodsax are versatile and can be used to protect various entry points against floodwater, including windows, air vents, and even garage doors, offering a flexible solution to comprehensive home protection.

Are these flood protection products reusable?

Yes, products like the Floodshield Barrier and Reusable Long Flood Barrier are designed for multiple uses. Proper care and storage will extend their lifespan.

Flood protection for your entire property:

  • Homes

    Browse our home flood range for everything you need to protect your property.

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  • Garages

    View our garage defences to stop floodwater entering this wide entrance point.

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  • Driveways

    Our driveways flood range has everything you need to divert floods from your drive.

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  • Air Bricks

    Protect your property from floods by covering your ventilation air bricks.

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Talk to our expert team for advice and guidance.

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