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FloodSax (pack of 5 or box of 20)

FloodSax (pack of 5 or box of 20)

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The Convenient Sand-less Sandbags 

  • Light as a feather

  • 20 sax create a 2m barrier

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FloodSax are the leading alternative to the traditional sandbags and makes dealing with floods easier than ever. Space-saving, incredibly cost-effective, quick and easy to deploy, even at times of flash flooding, delivering instant flood protection during your time of need. They are a great solution for those asking 'how do I stop my home or business from flooding?’

How do the FloodSax work?

Flooding brings immense hardship, and while many initially consider sandbags, most are unaware that local councils bear no legal obligation to provide them to residences or businesses. It is up to individuals to devise their own strategies for preventing flooding, as failure to do so could result in significant harm to their properties and livelihoods. With over 3 million sold throughout the globe, FloodSax, the sand-less sandbag, is the tried and tested solution to flooding. Invented by one of the UK's leading flood protection companies, Environmental Defence Systems, based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, the sax have been protecting properties for over 10 years.

The FloodSax consists of a semi-porous inner liner, which contains hundreds of absorbent crystals which absorb water to 90% capacity within 3 minutes during deployment, acting like sandbags to keep floods at bay. FloodSax weigh just 200g each when dry, but expand with water to match the 22kg security of a traditional sandbag but unlike traditional sandbags, they don’t require deliveries of sand, massive storage space, and plenty of Weetabix to be eaten before you use them.

Find out more about the FloodSax:


What are the benefits of using FloodSax

FloodSax offers a dependable solution for floods, leaks, and spills, as a highly efficient substitute for conventional sandbags in protecting homes and businesses from flood water. This innovative self-inflating flood defence system can be stored in a box and can be deployed in minutes to protect businesses or homes from flood water. Here just some of the benefits of using them:

  • Always there for peace of mind. No panic to buy sandbags if a flood is forecast
  • Can be expanded in the water right next to where you need them and stay taut until flood subsides
  • Lightweight - before they are used with the standard bag weighing just 150g
  • Thousands can be quickly transported in a van, saving on fuel, wages and manpower
  • One can be expanded and put down the toilet to block it from filthy water being forced up by the floodwater backing up through the drains and sewer
  • FloodSax don't need sand - one of the earth’s natural resources - and so saves the environment
  • Floodsax are 100% biodegradable

How to use the FloodSax?

If you need flood defence for a wider aperture such as a patio door, garage or driveway, then FloodSax is your answer. Also known as the sandless-sandbags, they have proved themselves in action time and time again, whilst also undergoing regular and rigorous testing.

  • FloodSax bags come ready to use, just remove from the packaging
  • A 3 minute soak in any water activates the FloodSax, increasing their size and weight from 150g to 25kg
  • They can remain in place for up to 3 months and can be easily disposed of as they are 100% biodegradable

How to deploy the FloodSax?

It couldn’t be easier to use the FloodSax to quickly set up a robust flood barrier to divert or stop the flow of flood water.

  • Activation: For outdoor use, immerse each bag in water until it fully expands, which can take up to 7 minutes. As they absorb water, they can hold up to 20 litres, expanding to weigh around 20kg.
  • Building a Barrier: Once activated, FloodSax can be arranged in tightly-packed layers to construct an effective flood barrier. Ensure each row overlaps the joins on the one below, similar to brick laying, to guarantee a solid wall. A dry FloodSax can be placed inside closed doors to absorb any seeping water.

What else can you use the FloodSax for?

Although primarily used an alternative to the traditional sandbag in flood situations, the FloodSax can also used be used to tackle a number of other issues.

  • Indoor Use: In their dry, vacuum-packed state, FloodSax can be placed under leaking pipes, boilers, taps, and sinks. They efficiently absorb water, preventing potential damage inside homes and businesses.
  • Sewage Protection: Flooding through sewage pipes can be problematic. To counter this, simply roll a dry bag and gently push it into the toilet. It will expand upon contact with water, sealing the toilet effectively.

How to dispose of the FloodSax?

After a flooding incident, they should be discarded as they will be contaminated by the floodwater. The good news is that they are largely biodegradable and can be disposed of in general waste for landfill.

How many FloodSax do I need?

We supply FloodSax in boxes of 20, which is sufficient to protect a 2 metre span to a height of around 60cm. We highly recommend planning out your barrier and taking measurements so you know how many are required for the barrier you need. We also recommend purchasing extras just in case.

See how easy it is to setup the FloodSax:


FloodSax vs Sandbags

It is easy to see how FloodSax are a much better choice to traditional sandbags - for all uses including floods and spills.


  • Must be replaced regularly costing thousands of pounds for big companies and local authorities that need palletised sandbags ready all year round for any emergency.
  • Can deteriorate if stored for a long time, especially in cold, damp warehouses.
  • Exceptionally unwieldy to lift and handle with all kinds of health, safety and manual handling technique problems for staff who have to use them at businesses.
  • Messy with the sand easily washed out and adding to all the damage if they burst.
  • Difficult and expensive to transport anywhere due to their weight. One box of 20 FloodSax is equal to 20 sandbags on a pallet.
  • Need a lot of people to move any number of sandbags anywhere.


  • Easy to store and can be vacuumed-packed to save even more room.
  • Always there for peace of mind. No panic to buy sandbags if a flood is forecast.
  • Can be expanded in water right next to where you need them and stay taut until flood subsides.
  • Lightweight before they are used with the standard bag weighing just 0.2kg (7 ounces) so can be used by people who would not be able to lift sandbags.
  • Thousands can be quickly transported in a van, saving on fuel, wages and manpower.
  • Can be stored in small depots around the area, not one huge central store so can be taken even more quickly to the scene.
  • One can be expanded and put down the toilet to block it from filthy water being forced up by the floodwater backing up through the drains and sewer.
  • FloodSax don't need sand - one of the earth’s natural resources - and so saves the environment.

FloodSax Delivery Information

Location:Estimated Time:5 Pack Cost:20 Pack Cost:
Location:UKEstimated Time:3 - 5 Days5 Pack Cost:Free20 Pack Cost:Free
Location:InternationalEstimated Time:5 - 17 Days5 Pack Cost:£1020 Pack Cost:£40

If you have any questions or need further advice on this product, then contact our team.

Here is further product information and specifications:

Pack Size: Pack of 5 or Box of 20


Before Hydration – 520mm x 530mm x 12mm

After Hydration – 520mm x 530mm x 200mm

Absorbency: 90%

Recycling info: Mostly Biodegradable

Usage: Single Use

How to quickly deploy the FloodSax?

Using FloodSax to establish a sturdy flood barrier and redirect or halt the flow of floodwater is incredibly straightforward.

  • Activation: To deploy the sax, submerge each one in water until it undergoes complete expansion, a process that may extend up to 7 minutes. During this absorption phase, each bag has the capacity to retain up to 20 litres of water, expanding its volume and reaching a weight of approximately 20kg.
  • Building a Barrier: After activation, FloodSax can be organized in closely layered configurations to establish a formidable flood barrier. It is essential to arrange each row with overlaps on the joins of the layer below, akin to the technique employed in bricklaying, ensuring the construction of a robust and cohesive wall. Additionally, in situations where closed doors are at risk of seeping water, placing a dry FloodSax inside can serve as an effective measure, as it will absorb any infiltrating water and contribute to preventing further damage.

How to use the FloodSax for other purposes?

While FloodSax is predominantly employed as an alternative to traditional sandbags in flood situations, it also proves versatile in addressing a myriad of other challenges.

  • Indoor Use: When in their dry and vacuum-packed state, FloodSax can be strategically positioned beneath leaking pipes, boilers, taps, and sinks. Their remarkable water-absorbing capabilities come into play, effectively mitigating the risk of water damage within both residential and commercial spaces. By proactively placing FloodSax in these vulnerable areas, they serve as a reliable safeguard, offering a practical solution to prevent potential harm to property and belongings.
  • Sewage Protection: Addressing the challenge of flooding through sewage pipes can be a complex issue. However, a straightforward solution involves rolling a dry bag and gently inserting it into the toilet. Upon contact with water, the bag undergoes expansion, effectively creating a seal that helps contain and prevent further issues related to sewage pipe flooding. This simple yet effective technique provides a quick and reliable way to manage and mitigate potential problems arising from toilet-related flooding.

  • How to dispose of used FloodSax?

    Following a flooding event, it's imperative to dispose of FloodSax, as they may be contaminated by the floodwater. Fortunately, these products are predominantly biodegradable, easing the disposal process. You can responsibly discard them in regular waste destined for landfill, ensuring an environmentally conscious approach to managing the aftermath of a flooding incident.

    See how to deploy FloodSax and build a barrier:


    If you have any questions or need further advice on this product, then contact our team.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Eashwar Kumar
Easy to use flood barrier

Ordered the 5 pack of Floodsax
Product came on good time and without a scratch
It was easy to place the Floodsaxes in front of the door in preparation for the heavy rain
However the predicted rain was light so I cannot comment yet on the effectiveness of the product


4* only as not had to use but comforting to have in cupboard for emergency

Renee McCullough
Very useful product

These are great to have at hand when flooding is an issue. They are light , easy to store and very easy to use. I have flood doors which are getting old and during the recent floods I used them to block any leaks around them. Worked really well.
So I ordered another box to have on standby.

Des Gallagher

Arrived on time, no issues with the order. Haven’t used yet, just in case needed.

Andrew Charman
Flood protection

How can I review these items which I hope never to need to use. Shipping was reasonably fast.

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