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FloodSax (pack of 5 or box of 20)

Sandbags that aren't sandbags! Light as a feather, each box comes with 20 FloodSax, enough to protect a 2 metre doorway.

With over 2.5 million sold throughout the globe, FloodSax, the sandless sandbag, is the tried and tested solution to flooding. Unlike traditional sandbags that require deliveries of sand, massive storage space, and plenty of Weetabix to be eaten before you lift them, FloodSax weigh just 200g each when dry, but expand with water to match the 22kg security of a traditional sandbag.

Whilst a Floodshield is ideal for your front and back door, if you have a wider aperture to protect such as a patio door, or garage, then FloodSax is the answer.



How many FloodSax do I need?

We supply FloodSax in boxes of 20, which is sufficient to protect a 2 metre span to a height of around 60cm.

This the best way to set-up your barrier: 

FloodSax vs Sandbags

It is easy to see how FloodSax are a much better choice to traditional sandbags - for all uses including floods and spills:


  • Must be replaced regularly costing thousands of pounds for big companies and local authorities that need palletised sandbags ready all year round for any emergency.
  • Can deteriorate if stored for a long time, especially in cold, damp warehouses.
  • Exceptionally unwieldy to lift and handle with all kinds of health, safety and manual handling technique problems for staff who have to use them at businesses.
  • Messy with the sand easily washed out and adding to all the damage if they burst.
  • Difficult and expensive to transport anywhere due to their weight. One box of 20 FloodSax is equal to 20 sandbags on a pallet.
  • Need a lot of people to move any number of sandbags anywhere.


  • Easy to store and can be vacuumed-packed to save even more room.
  • Always there for peace of mind. No panic to buy sandbags if a flood is forecast.
  • Can be expanded in water right next to where you need them and stay taut until flood subsides.
  • Lightweight before they are used with the standard bag weighing just 0.2kg (7 ounces) so can be used by people who would not be able to lift sandbags.
  • Thousands can be quickly transported in a van, saving on fuel, wages and manpower.
  • Can be stored in small depots around the area, not one huge central store so can be taken even more quickly to the scene.
  • One can be expanded and put down the toilet to block it from filthy water being forced up by the floodwater backing up through the drains and sewer.
  • FloodSax don't need sand - one of the earth’s natural resources - and so saves the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Very good company to work with, they were let down by UPS, they only delivered 3 of the 4 parcels but quickly sent another two.


2 did not work at all, then another 2 split when used as flood barrier went flat and let the water over the top

Ready & Prepared

Bought these to prepare for an emergency, so haven’t used yet but they do look very good & real quality. Will wait & see when they’re needed.

Good product

Just the job

Instantly accessible

We bought them for future weather related flood situations. However we needed them much sooner when a workmen related flood occurred out of the blue. They were instantly accessible and “walled off” the water ingress which could not have been anticipated, and before it spread to other areas. . I’d recommend any household to have a store of flood sacks. Floods cause damage because they are invariably unexpected and having flood sacks is a great safeguard.