We can build Floodshields to fit your measurements

Bulk orders built to your specifications

For over two decades, the Floodshield door barrier has been rigorously tested in both controlled flood simulations and real-world scenarios by customers in their homes, earning it accolades from leading global flood experts. Tailor-made to fit any door size, it stands as the ultimate flood protection solution you'll ever require, promising safety and reliability regardless of door dimensions.

Durable, hard wearing & easy to install

Get complete peace of mind from the leading door protection

The Floodshield door barrier sets itself apart as one of the few solutions that need no permanent fixtures to your property, offering a seamless installation. It effortlessly clips into place, creating a secure seal against the flat exterior surface of your door frame for reliable flood protection.

Why the Floodshield Barrier?

Discover the unparalleled reliability and customisability of Floodshield, where cutting-edge flood protection meets bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Comes ready to use

    Floodshield is ready to attach to your door straight out of the box, no assembly required

  • Fitted in minutes

    Just position the seal across the outside surface of the doorframe and adjust clips into position

  • No tools required

    Floodshield is attached by hand adjusted clips, without the need to find tools in an emergency

  • Built to fit

    Alongisde standard sizes, we can build bespoke size barriers

  • Designed to last

    Durable and hard wearing, does not need to be replaced like sandbags

  • Performance tested

    Tested in a purpose built flood simulation station as well as real flood situations

  • No fixtures or alterations

    No unsightly fittings on your property and suitable for listed buildings

  • No survey required

    No need for additional expense of contractors or services

  • Cannot be stolen

    Once your door is closed, the barrier cannot be removed from the outside

How does the Floodshield Barrier work?

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The Floodshield barrier excels in its simplicity and efficacy for flood defence. It achieves a watertight seal against the flat outer surface of a door frame, eliminating the need for permanent fixtures or installation tools. This straightforward deployment empowers homeowners to swiftly and effectively safeguard their properties against floodwaters, offering tranquility in the face of flooding. Its adaptability to various door types and sizes, along with robust construction, renders it a versatile and dependable choice for flood protection.

Is the Floodshield environmentally friendly ?

The Floodshield Barrier not only protects properties but also plays a significant role in environmental conservation. Made from recyclable materials and designed to reduce the ecological impact of flood damage, it showcases our commitment to sustainability. By choosing Floodshield, you're opting for a solution that conserves resources and promotes a more sustainable, healthier planet.

Frequently asked questions

What is Floodshield's bespoke barrier service?

Floodshield's bespoke barrier service is a specialised offering designed to provide customised flood protection solutions. Whether you have unique architectural features, specific protection requirements, or challenging dimensions, our service ensures that your flood defence barriers are tailored to meet your exact needs, ensuring optimal protection against flood risks.

How does the bespoke barrier service work?

The process begins with a consultation to understand your specific flood protection needs, followed by an assessment of your property's vulnerability to flooding. Our team then designs a custom solution that fits your requirements, which includes precise measurements and materials suited to your environment. The final step is the on site test installation, ensuring it meets Floodshield's high standards for effectiveness and durability.

Can Floodshield create bespoke barriers for any type of property?

Yes, Floodshield's bespoke barrier service is equipped to design flood protection solutions for a wide range of properties, including residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial sites, and heritage properties. Our team has the expertise to tackle complex challenges and provide effective solutions, regardless of the property type.

What are the benefits of opting for a bespoke flood barrier?

Opting for a bespoke flood barrier from Floodshield ensures that you receive a solution that is perfectly suited to your property's specific needs. Benefits include maximised protection against flooding, preservation of property aesthetics, minimal impact on property access, and potentially increased property value due to enhanced flood defences.

How long does it take to get a bespoke flood barrier?

The timeline for designing, manufacturing, and installing a bespoke flood barrier can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements of the property. Generally, the process can take several weeks from initial consultation to installation.

Please note: Our bespoke barriers design and build service has a 30 barrier minimum order quantity, or similar order value.

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