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NoFloods FlexWall

NoFloods FlexWall

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The NoFloods FlexWall makes flood protection quick and easy. The NoFloods FlexWall is simply rolled out where it is needed, and the water itself will do the rest - raising the barrier, and anchoring it in place. It is designed to protect larger spans, so is ideal for garages, roads, and driveways.

The design allows water to flow inside the barrier facilitating instant stabilization and automatic gradual deployment with the upcoming floodwater. The optional ballasting chain on the front flap helps to stabilize the barrier and makes installation on various surfaces possible.

FlexWall Advantages

The FlexWall can easily be extended to protect larger areas and is 100% reusable. The NoFloods FlexWall takes up very little storage space and will be delivered in an easy-to carry storage bag or for longer sections in a ready to deploy storage box.

Each 5 or 10 meter length can be attached to another using built in connectors, meaning much larger spans can be achieved easily.

Depending on where the FlexWall is being deployed, it can be complemented with a Weight Belt or an Extension Membrane:

  • The Weight Belt will aid deployment in streams or other strong currents, by creating more friction; and
  • The Extension Membrane increases the depth of FlexWall to reduce seepage when deployed on porous ground.

Both modifications simply velcro onto an existing FlexWall using existing attachments.

Please note that some of the larger sizes of FlexWall are heavy, and will require multiple people to deploy:

 FlexWall Weight (kg) Packed Size (mm)
25cm/5 meter 13 600x500x220
25cm/10 meter 22 650x550x300
50cm/5 meter 18 680x600x220
50cm/10 meter 36 700x600x250
100cm/5 meter 35 650x600x260
100cm/10 meter 70 750x600x400
150cm/5 meter 104 850x630x250
150cm/10 meter 213 900x780x350


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