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Our flood defence offerings are crafted to cater to every requirement, from safeguarding your front doors from escalating waters to blocking backflow in your downstairs toilets. Featuring an extensive selection of products, we guarantee that every area of your home is fortified against flood damage, providing tranquillity regardless of the circumstances.

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How can our Flood Barrier range help you?

Our selection spans from the pioneering Floodshield Door Barrier, acclaimed for its simple setup and solid defence, to the adaptable Osmo Flood Barrier, perfect for quick deployment during emergencies. Additionally, we offer the NOAQ Boxwall, a portable flood barrier that delivers both flexibility and durability, as well as the NoFloods FlexWall for widespread, large-scale flood protection. For a robust, enduring option, our Reusable Long Flood Barrier is prepared to shield your property from water ingress.

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  • Flood Barrier Range

    Browse our extensive flood barrier range to find your ideal flood protection.

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  • Sandless Sandbags

    Check out our revolutionary sandbag alternatives; the sand-less sandbag.

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  • Flood Water Pumps

    Use our sump pumps to efficiently remove flood water from your property.

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  • Water Filled Barriers

    Fight fire with fire, well water actually, with our market leading barriers.

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  • Air Brick Flood Covers

    These helpful barriers are essential in the battle against flood water.

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  • Flood Clean-up Range

    Get the tools to help you with the big clean up job following a flood.

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Protection for your residential property:

To fully protect your residential property from flooding, delve into our product assortment categorised by the area they secure. Whether your goal is to shield homes, doors, garages, driveways, or air bricks, our varied selection is tailored to address the unique requirements of each zone, guaranteeing the best possible defence against water entry.

Why choose a Floodshield Barrier?

Opting for a Floodshield Barrier equips properties with a practical and trustworthy means of flood defence, characterised by its straightforward and swift installation process that doesn't require tools or permanent changes.

These barriers create a watertight seal adaptable to various door frame types, rendering them suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Constructed from robust materials, Floodshield Barriers are designed for repeated use, presenting an economical approach to flood prevention.

Subjected to thorough testing under both real-world and controlled laboratory conditions, their dependability and efficacy are assured. The ease of setup and the non-necessity for permanent fixtures particularly appeal to renters or those keen on maintaining the aesthetic integrity of their properties. Investing in a Floodshield Barrier delivers the assurance that your premises are safeguarded against the unpredictability and potential havoc of flood situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What flood protection products are available for residential properties?

Our collection features a variety of flood protection solutions tailored for residential areas, including door barriers, air brick covers, non-return valves for plumbing, and absorbent pads. Each product is designed to offer robust protection for homes, garages, driveways, and other critical areas.

How do I choose the right flood protection product for my home?

Choosing the right product depends on your specific needs and the areas you wish to protect. For doors and entryways, our Floodshield Door Barrier offers an easy-to-install solution with no permanent fixtures required. For garages and larger openings, consider our range of flood barriers. We also recommend air brick covers to prevent water ingress through ventilation bricks.

Can Floodshield products be installed easily, or is professional required?

Many of our flood protection products are designed for easy, DIY installation, allowing homeowners to set up their defences without the need for professional assistance. Products like the Floodshield Door Barrier come with all necessary components and straightforward instructions for quick setup.

Are Floodshield flood protection products suitable for all types of doors and openings?

Our product range accommodates various door types and sizes, including front doors, patio doors, and garage doors. We offer solutions for standard and non-standard openings, ensuring that you can find a suitable product for your specific requirements.

How can I ensure my flood protection products remain effective over time?

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your flood protection products. We recommend inspecting your barriers, covers, and valves periodically for any signs of wear or damage and cleaning them according to the manufacturer's instructions. This ensures they remain reliable for when you need them most.

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