Protect your double doors from floodwater

If you're looking for double door flood protection then you will find products and advice on how to stop floodwater entering your through your wider entrances, like double doors. Our range includes sandless sandbags and low height barriers that can be used to divert and stop floodwater entering through any size doors. Being prepared is key to flood defence so carry on reading to find out how our range can get you ready for the next flood.

  • Floodsax 

    Floodsax are a modern alternative to traditional sandbags, offering improved efficiency and easier storage. They deploy rapidly and can be positioned around entry points to absorb water and form a barrier.

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  • Flood Cubes

    Flood Cubes are designed for versatility and convenience, easily activated and stackable to create a strong barrier—providing the benefits of sandbags without the hassle and strain of traditional sandbags.

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Low height flood protection

For lower levels of floodwater, we recommend using products such as the Osmo Barrier or our reusable water-filled barrier. These are quick to deploy and excellent for directing floodwater away from your doors. They can be stacked as floodwater levels increase, and with various lengths available, you can select a barrier that completely covers the entry point.

  • Osmo Barrier

    Perfect for uneven terrain, small gaps, or extra reinforcement, this barrier expands when it contacts water, forming a solid blockade that prevents floodwaters from entering your property.

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  • Resuable Long Barrier

    Constructed from highly durable PVC, this long, flexible, and reusable barrier can be effectively positioned to redirect floodwater away from property entry points. Simply clean it, and it's ready for reuse.

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How do you stop floodwater entering through your wide door entrances?

Doors are among the most vulnerable points for floodwater entry, making their protection vital to reducing property damage. Employing flood barriers and sandless sandbags to establish a protective barrier significantly lessens the risk of water damage. Each product offers unique benefits, and when used together, they create a comprehensive flood defence strategy, ensuring your home or business remains dry and secure during flood events.

Why we don’t recommend a large barrier?

Even though they are widely available there are many reasons why we don’t recommend large barriers for double doors and wider entrances. To start, they are heavy and cumbersome nature, which makes them difficult to handle. They also require permanent fixings to be attached to the property, necessitating structural alterations which are often ugly. Additionally, these barriers demand substantial storage space and are generally more expensive compared to other options. Given these drawbacks, we recommend more convenient and cost-effective flood protection solutions that are easier to manage and deploy.

What are the benefits of sandless sandbags?

Sandless sandbags provide several benefits over traditional sandbags, making them a superior option for quick and efficient flood protection:

Lightweight & Portable: Easy to carry when dry; they expand when wet to create a sturdy flood barrier.

Convenient Storage: Compact and simple to store, allowing for fast access without the need for heavy machinery.

Quick & Effective: They swell quickly to prevent floodwaters, minimising the time needed for setup.

Environmentally Friendly: Generally easier to dispose of or clean for reuse, offering an environmentally preferable alternative.

Sandless sandbags are a practical and effective choice for emergency flood defence, useful for both homeowners and emergency responders.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the best flood protection product for my door?

The appropriate flood protection product depends on the type and size of your door. The Floodshield Barrier suits standard doors well, whereas Floodsax or similar adaptable solutions may be needed for uniquely sized doors. Our team can assist you in selecting the most suitable option.

Can Floodsax also protect windows and other entry points?

Yes, Floodsax are flexible enough to safeguard various entry points, including windows, air vents, and garage doors, offering a comprehensive home flood defence solution.

Are flood protection products reusable?

Indeed, many of our products, such as the Floodshield Barrier and the Reusable Long Flood Barrier, are designed for repeated use. With proper care and storage, their lifespan can be significantly extended.

Can I deploy these products myself?

Absolutely. Our products are engineered for easy installation by homeowners themselves, without needing professional help or specialised tools.

How fast can I deploy flood protection solutions in an emergency?

Our products are designed for immediate deployment. The Floodshield Door Barrier, for example, can be set up in just a few minutes, and Floodsax are ready to absorb water as soon as they contact it.

When should I replace my flood protection products?

Our flood protection products are crafted for long-term use. Regular upkeep and correct storage will help prolong their effectiveness, with replacement generally necessary only if damage is evident. Note that some products are single-use and must be disposed of after one use.

How long do FloodSax remain effective once activated?

Once activated, FloodSax can provide effective flood defense for several months, suitable for long-term protection during extended or repeated flooding.

What types of large-scale flood barriers are available from Floodshield?

Floodshield offers a variety of large-scale flood defense options, including water-filled barriers, modular wall systems, and automatic deployment barriers. These are designed to be versatile and effective for different situations, from quick emergency responses to permanent flood risk management solutions.

Are Floodshield's large-scale flood barriers appropriate for residential use?

Yes. Floodshield's large-scale barriers are adaptable for residential areas, whether for individual homes, community entrances, or broader neighbourhood protection, tailored to meet specific local needs and risks.

What are large-scale flood barriers, and how do they work?

Large-scale flood barriers are designed to protect extensive areas, such as commercial properties, residential communities, and critical infrastructure, from flooding. These barriers can be temporary or permanent structures made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and composite fabrics. They work by forming a physical blockade against incoming water, significantly reducing the risk of flood damage.

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