One of the biggest challenges in flood situation is protecting large areas and that’s where our range of large scale flood barriers can help. Featuring three industry leading products, the NoFloods Pro, NoFloods FlexWall and BoxWall.

NoFloods Pro Barrier

NoFloods Pro provides flood protection from 5 meters to 5 kilometres (and more!)

The patented NoFloods Pro water-filled inflatable flood barriers are based on innovative technology developed and tested in Denmark. The NoFloods Pro is an extremely solid and strong barrier, resistant to abrasions, tearing and most chemicals. 

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NoFloods FlexWall Barrier

Lightweight, flexible and automatically deployed, with no equipment or tools required

The NoFloods FlexWall makes flood protection quick and easy. The NoFloods FlexWall is simply rolled out where it is needed, and the water itself will do the rest - raising the barrier, and anchoring it in place. It is designed to protect larger spans, so is ideal for garages, roads, and driveways, but can be easily extended to fit wider areas.

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BoxWall Mobile Barrier

Freestanding temporary flood barrier that’s easy to use, self anchoring and storage effecient

The NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding temporary flood barrier, designed specifically for the urban environment: providing excellent protection on tarmac, concrete, grass, dirt and almost any surface required.

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Other flood protection options

  • Front & Back Doors

    We have all the products you need to stop flood water entering your property through doors.

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  • Patio Doors & Garages

    Check out our product range designed for wider openings and diversion of flood water.

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  • Flood Clean Up & Accessories

    Products to help with those smaller entry points and the eventual clean up from a flood.

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Spill Monster Absorbent Powder

Eats spills. Kills germs. Swallows odours.

Have Spill Monster on hand for your next emergency, he will contain and clean up any spill in a flash, stopping contamination and nasty tumbles before they even have a chance.

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