Flood barriers for high floodwater volumes

Addressing the challenge of protecting extensive areas during floods, be it commercial spaces, residential communities, or crucial infrastructure, is paramount. Acknowledging this essential requirement, our catalogue features a dedicated selection of large-scale flood barriers crafted for strong flood defence.

Leading our range are three pioneering products: the NoFloods Pro, NoFloods FlexWall, and BoxWall. Each is distinctively designed to tackle various facets of flood prevention, enabling us to offer a full solution tailored to any flood risk or area dimension.

NoFloods Pro Barrier

NoFloods Pro provides flood protection from 5 meters to 5 kilometres (and more!)

The patented NoFloods Pro water-filled inflatable flood barriers are based on innovative technology developed and tested in Denmark. The NoFloods Pro is an extremely solid and strong barrier, resistant to abrasions, tearing and most chemicals. 

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NoFloods FlexWall Barrier

Lightweight, flexible and automatically deployed, with no equipment or tools required

The NoFloods FlexWall makes flood protection quick and easy. The NoFloods FlexWall is simply rolled out where it is needed, and the water itself will do the rest - raising the barrier, and anchoring it in place. It is designed to protect larger spans, so is ideal for garages, roads, and driveways, but can be easily extended to fit wider areas.

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BoxWall Mobile Barrier

Freestanding temporary flood barrier that’s easy to use, self anchoring and storage effecient

The NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding temporary flood barrier, designed specifically for the urban environment: providing excellent protection on tarmac, concrete, grass, dirt and almost any surface required.

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Large Scale Protective Flood Solutions

Our solutions focus on defending extensive areas and crucial infrastructure against the severe effects of floods. Our advanced barriers, including the NoFloods Pro, NoFloods FlexWall, and BoxWall, are designed for strong, scalable, and adaptable protection across a range of environments and uses.

The NoFloods Pro provides unmatched resilience and longevity, ideal for protecting communities, industrial sites, and agricultural areas over extended periods.

The NoFloods FlexWall, with its blend of flexibility and robustness, offers a versatile solution that can be swiftly set up to suit varied landscapes and conditions.

The BoxWall, known for its ease of use and rapid assembly, delivers efficient protection for urgent and temporary needs.

Collectively, these products demonstrate Floodshield's dedication to offering premier flood defence solutions that are effective, easy to install, environmentally conscious, and cost-efficient, allowing communities and businesses to attain thorough flood resilience with minimal disruption.

Frequently asked questions

What are large-scale flood barriers, and how do they work?

Large-scale flood barriers are designed to protect extensive areas, such as commercial properties, residential communities, and critical infrastructure, from flooding. These barriers can be temporary or permanent structures made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and composite fabrics. They work by forming a physical blockade against incoming water, significantly reducing the risk of flood damage.

What types of large-scale flood barriers does Floodshield offer

Floodshield provides a range of large-scale flood defence solutions, including water-filled barriers, modular wall systems, and automatically deploying barriers. These products are designed for versatility and effectiveness in different scenarios, from rapid deployment in emergency situations to permanent installations for ongoing flood risk management.

Can large-scale barriers be deployed quickly in an emergency?

Yes, many large-scale flood barriers offered by Floodshield are designed for quick deployment. For instance, water-filled barriers can be rapidly deployed by filling them with water on-site, providing immediate protection without the need for heavy machinery or extensive labor.

Are Floodshield's large-scale flood barriers suitable for residential areas?

Absolutely. While designed to offer protection on a large scale, many of Floodshield's flood barriers can be adapted for residential use. Their versatility makes them suitable for protecting individual homes, neighbourhood entrances, or entire residential communities, depending on the specific needs and risks of the area.

How does Floodshield ensure the effectiveness of its large-scale flood barriers?

Floodshield is committed to providing high-quality, effective flood defence solutions. Their large-scale barriers are tested under various conditions to ensure reliability and durability. Additionally, Floodshield offers consultation services to help customers select the most appropriate flood defence strategy, ensuring that each solution is tailored to the specific requirements of the site it is meant to protect.

Need assistance with a large scale barrier?

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Commercial flood defence options:

  • New Build Flood Protection

    We help builders protect their new build properties and pass planning.

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  • Bespoke Barrier Service

    We can build flood barriers to your specifications and requirements.

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  • Large Door Floodshield

    Our award winning flood door barrier just got super sized.

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