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Osmo Flood Barrier

Osmo Flood Barrier

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Osmo Flood Barrier is a disposable super absorbent barrier designed to form a water-tight barrier protecting homes and businesses from the flow of food water. Available in 1.5 metre and 3 metre lengths, simply place in front of a door, activate with water, and it absorbs up to 30 litres of water, crystallises, and forms a water-tight barrier. Using super absorbent technology, the barrier absorbs water and binds together to create a flood protection sock. The flood barrier absorbs water on contact, making it quick to deploy, and the ideal sandbag equivalent.

Looking for an award-winning flood barrier that can be fitted in seconds, and protect your house against up to 60cm of water? Have a look at our famous Floodshield flood barrier.


  • Protects property from invasive flood water
  • Inflates on contact with water in minutes
  • Once inflated, forms a resilient, leak-proof, water-tight barrier against most surface
  • Ideal for use across wide doorways, garage doors, driveways, footpaths and gates or to divert flood water away from the property
  • Can be used as a temporary flash flood or long-term flood measure
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Easy to roll out in an emergency
  • Eco-friendly sandbag equivalent, using 50% reclaimed material
  • Made in the UK from OSMO’s Super Absorbent Polymers.
  • Non toxic and non hazardous.

Please note, the Osmo barrier will not inflate with salt water, so should be inflated with fresh water before being used against sea water. 

Customers are warned that whilst they may find they are able to inflate and deflate the barrier between floods, the product is designed for single use, owing to the biohazard nature of flood water.

How to use

Simply roll out and the water will absorb and activate the flood barrier:

Technical details

  • Dimensions flat length x width 1500/3000 x 210 mm
  • Dimensions inflated length x width x height 1500/3000 x 210 x 90 mm
  • Absorbency capacity per barrier 15/30 litres
  • Product weight: 1.5m-265g • 3m-512g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Linda Williams
Osmo flood barrier

Haven't had to use them, but it will sadly happen, confident in your product. We compared different types of products, we were confident this product will suit our needs.
Kind regards

Sandra Field

Did the job - but not sure if I can reuse again and does it dry out ? Advice would be appreciated. 🤔

Conor Campbell
Flood barrier

Don't know yet sir az i have not used it and hopefully il never need to use it but if I does il keep ya posted ty


They did what they said they would. Inflated quickly and gave me a way to help divert water running down my drive


Very good seller

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