Single door floor protection you can trust

No permanent fixtures, fittings, or tools required

In an era where unforeseen events can swiftly become reality, the importance of protecting your home from floods is paramount. Our barrier delivers unmatched protection for your property, providing peace of mind amidst nature's uncertainty.

Sturdy, resilient, simple to maintain, and once your door is shut, completely theft-proof.

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What is the Floodshield Barrier?

Comes ready to use & can be fitted in minutes, without any tools

The Floodshield door barrier simply clips to, and seals against, the flat outside surface of your door frame, requiring no tools to fit, nor needing any permanent attachments to your home.

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Will the barrier fit your door?

Floodshield door barriers come in 6 standard width and is designed for standard single, inward opening doors, working best with frames in good condition. 




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Complete satisfaction and free delivery

Free delivery, a 60 Day money back guarantee & 2 Year warranty

Our products speaks for themselves so that is why we offer free delivery, a 60 day grace period and a 2 year warranty with all Floodshields. Try the Floodshield completely risk free.

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  • Comes ready to use

    Floodshield is ready to attach to your door straight out of the box, no assembly required

  • Fitted in minutes

    Just position the seal across the outside surface of the doorframe and adjust clips into position

  • No tools required

    Floodshield is attached by hand adjusted clips, without the need to find tools in an emergency

  • 6 standard widths

    Fits the vast majority of single doors, whatever the frame material

  • Designed to last

    Durable and hard wearing, does not need to be replaced like sandbags

  • Performance tested

    Tested in a purpose built flood simulation station as well as real flood situations

  • No fixtures or alterations

    No unsightly fittings on your property and suitable for listed buildings

  • No survey required

    No need for additional expense of contractors or services

  • Cannot be stolen

    Once your door is closed, the barrier cannot be removed from the outside

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Frequently asked questions

Do flood barriers really work?

Yes they do. Floodshield has been extensively tested in flood test facilities, and of course by customers in real life flood situations.

What size door will a Floodshield protect?

Floodshield will protect most residential single doors: from 760mm wide to 960mm wide.

How do I know if I need a Standard Floodshield or a uPVC Floodshield?

uPVC Floodshields are only for use with doorframes that have a continuous bottom threshold. All other doors require a Standard Floodshield.

My doorframe is very deep. Will your clips reach the frame?

Our Floodshields come fitted with standard 50mm bolts. Longer bolts can be supplied if required.

How easy is it to fit a Floodshield?

Very easy. Floodshield was designed knowing that sometimes you have to fit it in an emergency. Simply wind the clips to the length you want, and press into place.

Do you really not need any tools or permanent attachments to my home?

You really don't! You don't need to have any ugly attachments to your building, or find the tool box when there is a flood warning. Simply take the Floodshield out from storage and clip it into place.

How tall is the Floodshield?

Floodshield is 58cm high, or roughly 2 feet.

How much does a Floodshield weigh?

A Floodshield weighs only 5kg and so can be carried and fitted by most people from 8 to 80+!

How long will the Floodshield Barrier last if used regularly?

The Floodshield Door Barrier will last indefinitely as a result of the materials used in its design - it is made of tough Polypropylene rather than cheap wood like some barriers. And all attachments are fixed the barrier so you don't have to worry about loosing them when you need them most.

What warranty do I get?

2 Years warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.

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