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Welcome to our single door flood protection, where you will find products and advice on how to stop floodwater entering your through your standard single sized doors. Our range includes our award winning door barriers, the Floodshield, along with sandless sandbags and low height barriers. Being prepared is key to flood defence so carry on reading to find out how our range can get you ready for the next flood.

Single door floor protection you can trust

No permanent fixtures, fittings, or tools required

The Floodshield Door Barrier is a purpose-designed solution for one of the most common entry points for floodwater. Specially designed for standard, inward-opening doors, this barrier offers a quick and secure fit for doorways with a frame distance of under one meter. Its patented system allows for swift installation and removal, providing unbeatable protection with minimal effort. The barrier is lightweight and easy to install without the need for tools or permanent fixtures, providing a robust, watertight seal around your door frames. 

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More ways to protect your single doors

There are situations when just the Floodshield Barrier won’t do the job alone so this is where our sandless sandbags can help. Ideal for protecting outward opening doors, sand-less sandbags offer a convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sandbags for flood protection. Their ease of use, combined with effective water barrier capabilities, makes them a valuable tool for both emergency responders and homeowners seeking to mitigate the impacts of flooding.

  • Floodsax 

    Just like the traditional sandbags but far more efficient and easier to store, Floodsax are quick to deploy and can be placed around entry points areas to absorb water and then act as a barrier.

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  • Flood Cubes

    Designed for versatility and convenience, Flood Cubes can be quickly activated and stacked to form a robust barrier, just like sandbags but without the hassle and back ache of traditional sandbags.

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Low height flood protection

When dealing lower levels of floodwater we recommend using products like the Osmo Barrier or our reusable water filled barrier. Quick and easy to deploy, and ideal for diverting floodwater away from your doors. They can also be stacked if the floodwater levels rise and with varying lengths available, you can find the barrier the cover the entire entry point.

  • Osmo Barrier

    Ideal for uneven ground, small gaps, or additional reinforcement, this barrier swells upon contact with water, creating a sturdy barrier that blocks floodwaters from breaching your property.

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  • Resuable Long Barrier

    Made of extremely robust PVC, this long, flexible and reusable barrier can be strategically placed to divert floodwater away from your properties entry points. Just give it a clean and it is ready to be reused.

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How do you stop floodwater entering through your doors?

Your doors are one of the easiest entry points for floodwater so protecting them is crucial in minimising damage to your property. By using flood protection like barriers and sandless sandbags to create a protective barrier will drastically reduce the threat of water damage to your property. Every product delivers distinct advantages, and when combined, they form a multi-faceted strategy for flood defence, assuring that your home or business stays dry and protected in the face of flood occurrences.

Why choose a Floodshield barrier?

Free delivery, a 60 Day money back guarantee & 2 Year warranty

The Floodshield Door Barrier excels in simplicity, effectiveness, and dependability, backed by extensive research and real-world applications. It provides robust protection without needing tools or permanent door modifications. Key features include:

Easy Installation: No tools or permanent changes required.

Proven Effectiveness: Thoroughly tested under laboratory and real conditions.

Versatility: Compatible with various door sizes and types.

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What are the benefits of sandless sandbags? 

Sandless sandbags offer numerous advantages over traditional sandbags, making them an excellent choice for fast and effective flood protection:

Lightweight & Portable: Easily transported when dry; expand upon wetting to form a robust flood barrier.

Convenient Storage: Compact and easy to store, providing quick accessibility without heavy equipment.

Quick & Effective: Swell rapidly to block floodwaters, reducing preparation time.

Environmentally Friendly: Often easier to dispose of or clean for reuse than traditional sandbags, presenting a less environmentally burdensome option.

Sandless sandbags are a practical, efficient solution for emergency flood defence, benefiting homeowners and emergency responders alike.

Frequently asked questions

Do Floodshield Barriers effectively prevent water from entering homes?

Yes. The Floodshield Barrier has proven its effectiveness in preventing water entry through rigorous lab testing and real-world customer experiences. Its design and materials provide reliable flood protection.

Is it easy to install a Floodshield Barrier?

Yes, the installation of the Floodshield is straightforward. It is designed for quick setup in urgent situations, requiring only the adjustment and securing of clips without specialised tools.

What door sizes does the Floodshield cover?

The Floodshield is suitable for most residential single doors, covering widths from 760mm to 960mm.

Can the Floodshield be used on deeper doorframes?

Yes. The Floodshield comes equipped with standard 50mm bolts and offers extended bolts for deeper frames, ensuring a secure fit and comprehensive protection across various doorframe depths.

How can I determine the best flood protection product for my door?

Choosing the right flood protection product depends on your door's type and size. The Floodshield Barrier is ideal for standard doors, while doors with unique sizes might require Floodsax or other adaptable solutions. Our team can help determine the best option for your needs.

Can Floodsax be used on windows and other entry points?

Yes, Floodsax are versatile and suitable for protecting various entry points including windows, air vents, and garage doors, providing a broad solution to home flood defence.

Are flood protection products reusable?

Yes, many of our products, like the Floodshield Barrier and Reusable Long Flood Barrier, are designed for multiple uses. Proper care and storage can significantly extend their lifespan.

Can I install these flood protection products myself?

Yes, our products are designed to be easily installed by homeowners without the need for professional assistance or special tools.

How quickly can I deploy these flood protection solutions during an emergency?

Our flood protection products are made for rapid deployment. For instance, the Floodshield Door Barrier can be set up within minutes, and Floodsax are immediately effective upon contact with water.

How often should I replace my flood protection products?

Our flood protection products are built for durability and longevity. Regular maintenance and proper storage should prolong their useful life, with replacements only needed if there's visible damage. Some of our products are intended for single use and must be disposed of after use.

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