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Floodshield Flood Barrier

Floodshield Flood Barrier

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The ultimate in flood defence. Manufactured here in the UK.

Free delivery and 60 day money back guarantee. Usually delivered within 5-10 working days (often sooner).

The international award winning product comes in 6 standard sizes, covering most single, inward opening doors. Floodshield comes ready to use and can be fitted in seconds, by anyone from 8 to 80. Protecting your house from flood water, the Floodshield flood barrier simply clips to your doorframe and seals against the flat outside surface of the frame and down onto the step: whether stone, tile, concrete or wood. No tools needed, and no expensive survey are required. There are no fixtures, fittings, or alterations to your property, it simply seals against the existing door frame with our patented hand adjustable clip system. The Floodshield is designed to last and has been extensively performance tested in flood conditions.

Unlike many other barriers that can be "fitted in seconds", Floodshield doesn't need an ugly frame to be screwed into the outside of your home. It truly can be fitted in seconds from opening the box.


  • Fitted in minutes
  • No tools required
  • No fixtures or alternations
  • Cannot be stolen
  • Designed to last
  • No survey required
  • Performance tested

Sizes & how to measure

Floodshield comes in 6 standard sizes, fitting nearly all inward opening residential doors:

 Size mm inches
Size 1 780 30 3/4
Size 2 830 32 3/4
Size 3 880 34 1/2
Size 4 910 35 3/4
Size 5 930 36 1/2
Size 6 980 38 1/2


Measure for a Floodshield barrier between the brickwork as shown in measurement A below (overall width of doorframe).

Choose the Floodshield size which is nearest to, but not larger than Measurement A to allow the barrier to clip to and seal against the outside surface of the doorframe.

 What size Floodshield

Measurement A - overall width of the doorframe. The barrier in place overlapping onto the doorframe a minimum of 1½" (38mm) each side.

Floodshield seal types

There are two options of seal for the Floodshield barrier. One for standard door frames, and one for uPVC door frames. If you need help with the below, feel free to contact us and we will assist.

The Floodshield for standard door frames seals to the frame and down onto the step, whether concrete, stone or timber.

The seal for UPVC type frames seals continuously to the outer face of the door frame.

The award winning Floodshield door barrier simply clips by hand and seals against the frame of your existing door. It is fitted in minutes without the need for tools, permanent fixtures, or alterations to your property.

Our barriers have protected thousands of homes over the last decade and have been performance tested in both the test station and real flood conditions. Our barriers have been trusted by Local Councils, water companies and housebuilders and developers.

Free global shipping!

Risk free! We offer free worldwide shipping on every Floodshield, a 2 year manufacturer's warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Stanley Haughan
Easy to fitt

I got the pvc door version but i feel that there should still be a seal on the bottom as a pvc door has a sill with a gap to allow any water to go from the bottom of the inside well of the frame to drain away so water may come in from this sill gap
So a seal to fit on the sill itself will solve this problem .

Valerie Turner
Very good fesi

Looks good not had chance to use it yet hopefully don't have to very pleased with the service I received and kept me informed of delivery

Adrian Reavill
Untested Flood Barrier

Delivery was prompt, uncomplicated and damage free.
The three barriers seem to fit their respective doors well and I intend to Loctite the threads of the retaining clips once I have adjusted them for a good fit.
Of course the ultimate test of their effectiveness is whether or not they can keep out water. Fortunately, my property hasn't been subjected to flooding since I bought them so I can't give a complete objective review.

John Bean

A complicated dilemma made so easy and simple. Excellent service from an understandable web site. Easily ordered. Very easy, prompt and helpful advice when needed
I cannot say more and I was most impressed. Barrier in place very soon after delivery and so simple to fit. Looks as if it will be very effective from a retired engineers viewpoint.

Clive Dean
Three door charity building

We have three doors so I ordered 1 floodshield to check it would fit. We are strongly considering getting two more but we did have some issues. I will need to remove draught proofing from one door, but we expected that. A note said 'do not fit the floodshield until you have read all of the instructions enclosed': there were no instructions enclosed. On the third door the door frame is too deep for the fittings supplied to work. We will need longer bolts for the clamps to reach so I will need to find out if that is possible.
Having said all that the product arrived quickly and in good condition so no problems there

Hi Clive - thank you for your review. I am sorry there were no instructions in the box - you can download a copy here:

We are more than happy to supply longer bolts for deeper doorframes - just email us the details and we shall send them out to you (or let us know if it is for a new Floodshield).