Flooding causes a multitude of problems: from the day-to-day concern over a potential flood event, through the stress of the water-level rises, and into the post-flood clear-up.

And then the cycle starts again!

On this page we try to pull together as many sources of information, and flood resources, which may ease this burden a little.

These are sites we use regularly, and find useful, but all information is of course subjective, so we take no responsibility for anything you find on them.

Looking for flood updates?

Check your area for the latest updates on these websites.

Set up a flood alert

Set up an account on these websites to get flood alerts for your area directly to you.

Want to track the weather?

Use these sites to get the latest weather updates on rainfall.

Flood Planning - Before, During and After

Websites with helpfull information that will give you invaluable advice on dealing with floods.

UK Flood Insurance

We hear a lot of people who are effected by floods and say "we can't get insurance".

In the UK you can! The government set up an organisation to ensure that insurance comapnies don't exclude those who live in flood risk areas - it is called Flood Re.

Head over to thier website to find out more details.

Visit FloodRe Site

In the USA, FEMA have the National Flood Insurance Program to help people with flood insurance.

Other usefull websites

Here are some websites that offer a range of help, adivce and guidance on all things flood related.

If you know of any links which may help other 'flooders' then let us know and we shall include them.

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