Protect large doors from flood water

Our leading flood protection solution just got super sized

Utilising the esteemed design of our award-winning flood protection, we have adapted our robust, easy-to-maintain barriers to fit wider doors. This technology, rigorously tested by top global flood experts and verified in both simulated and actual flood situations by homeowners for more than twenty years, guarantees unmatched flood defence for your property.

Built to deliver complete peace of mind

No tools required and always ready to be deployed in minutes

Building on the legacy of the original Floodshield, the version tailored for larger doors seamlessly attaches to the door frame's flat outer surface using inbuilt clips. This inventive approach requires no tools for installation and avoids any permanent alterations to your home.

Why the Floodshield Barrier?

  • Comes ready to use

    Floodshield is ready to attach to your door straight out of the box, no assembly required

  • Fitted in minutes

    Just position the seal across the outside surface of the doorframe and adjust clips into position

  • No tools required

    Floodshield is attached by hand adjusted clips, without the need to find tools in an emergency

  • Built to fit

    Alongisde standard sizes, we can build bespoke size barriers

  • Designed to last

    Durable and hard wearing, does not need to be replaced like sandbags

  • Performance tested

    Tested in a purpose built flood simulation station as well as real flood situations

  • No fixtures or alterations

    No unsightly fittings on your property and suitable for listed buildings

  • No survey required

    No need for additional expense of contractors or services

  • Cannot be stolen

    Once your door is closed, the barrier cannot be removed from the outside

What are the benefits of the Large Door Floodshield Barrier?

Rigorously Tested for Endurance: Our Large Door Floodshield Barrier has proven its mettle in the toughest of flood simulations and real-life scenarios for more than twenty years, affirming its dependability and enduring quality.

Ease of Use and Assurance: Ready for immediate deployment straight from the packaging, this barrier can be set up swiftly in mere minutes without the necessity for tools, offering a straightforward solution to flood defence that brings total peace of mind.

Robust, Durable, and Simple to Maintain: Crafted from premium materials, the Floodshield stands up to the elements, not only providing stalwart resistance but also being easy to upkeep for sustained defense.

Enhanced Security Feature: With its secure installation, the barrier also acts as a deterrent to unauthorised entry, adding a valuable security benefit to its flood defence capabilities.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Complimentary Shipping: Our confidence in the Large Door Floodshield Barrier is reflected in our offer of a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty, all complemented by free shipping for your complete assurance.

What are the environmental benefits of the Large Door Floodshield Barrier?

The Large Door Floodshield Barrier does more than just protect your property; it also contributes significantly to environmental preservation. Made from recyclable materials and designed to reduce the environmental impact of flooding, this barrier embodies our commitment to sustainability. Choosing the Floodshield Barrier signifies opting for a solution that not only safeguards your home but also aids in conserving our planet's resources, fostering a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Large Door Floodshield?

The Large Door Floodshield is a cutting-edge flood defence system tailored to protect oversized doors from floodwater. It leverages a unique design that affixes directly to the door frame, ensuring a water-tight seal without the need for any tools or lasting changes to your property.

How does the Large Door Floodshield work?

The barrier operates by attaching to the flat exterior surface of the large door frame, securing a tight and reliable seal against water intrusion. Designed for simplicity, it enables property owners to efficiently defend their premises against flooding quickly and with minimal effort.

Can the Large Door Floodshield be installed easily?

Absolutely, the Large Door Floodshield is crafted for straightforward, do-it-yourself installation. It doesn’t require the use of tools or permanent fixtures, making it accessible for homeowners to set up on their own without the need for professional help.

Is the Large Door Floodshield suitable for all types of large doors?

The Floodshield is versatile and engineered to accommodate most large door types. It’s recommended to verify the product's dimensions or reach out to customer support to ensure it matches your door’s size and style perfectly.

What sets the Large Door Floodshield apart from others?

Diverging from conventional flood protection methods like sandbags, the Large Door Floodshield presents a cleaner, reusable, and effortless installation alternative. It delivers a mess-free, labor-saving solution with a water-tight seal, offering an advanced approach to managing flood risks for homes with large doorways.

Please note: Due to large doors coming in varying sizes, and the costs involved in producing bespoke sizes, we do have a minimum order value for large door barriers, please contact the team for more details.

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