At Floodshield, we're more than just a team; we're a family with a heartfelt mission to keep your home safe from floods. We totally get how scary and overwhelming it can feel to face the threat of flooding, and we're here to take that worry off your shoulders. With a sprinkle of innovation, a dash of dedication, and a whole lot of care, we're all about offering solutions that are not just effective but also simple to use, making sure your home remains your haven, come rain or high water.

Our business aims

  • Provide our customers with all the advice they need to understand their options for flood proofing their home

  • Guide our customers through the options so they can choose the best option for their budget and requirements

  • Make only the best products available for our customer, at the best price

  • Help our customers fit their Floodshield and provide them with further advice if required

We believe in delivering more than just items off the shelf. We’re all about crafting "Solutions" alongside our "Products" to ensure you get a comprehensive flood-proofing package tailored to your unique needs. It’s not just about making a purchase; it’s about finding a complete solution that addresses your specific flood-proofing challenges, wrapping safety and peace of mind into a personalised bundle designed to keep your home dry and secure.

Our company values

Our core values are the essence of who we are. They shape our actions and decisions, influencing every aspect of our work in providing flood protection solutions. These principles guide us in creating products and services that not only meet your needs but also reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity. Our dedication to these values ensures that every solution we offer is designed with your safety and peace of mind at the forefront.

These are our values:

  • Fanatical Solutioneering:

    We are fanatical about solving people's problems, efficiently, and in a cost effective manner.

  • Open and Honest:

    We don't spin people yarns when there is a problem. We confront it and deal with it.

  • Action Orientated:

    Making stuff happen is where the fun is, and it is how we have the most positive impact on our customers.

  • Long-term Focused:

    We want to build relationships that last decades not days. We want a business that can employ our children, rather than has disappeared in a year.

We know we're not perfect, but every day, we put our hearts and souls into living up to our values. It's all about taking those little steps, every single day, to be the best we can be for you. With a smile and a whole lot of enthusiasm, we're on this journey together, making sure that every decision, every innovation, comes straight from the heart.

Meet the team

For over two decades, our Floodshield family has been by your side, crafting flood protection solutions with love and dedication. It's been a journey filled with stories, learning, and, most importantly, the privilege of safeguarding your homes. We're all about bringing that blend of experience and care to you, making sure that when the waters rise, your peace of mind stays steady.

  • Rich

    Managing Director

  • Anthony

    Operations and Customer Service

  • Jim

    Customer Service

  • Mark

    Customer Service

  • Lucy

    Customer Service

Our policies

At Floodshield, everything we do is driven by care—not just for flood protection, but for our planet, our people, and the trust you place in us. We're passionate about making a positive impact, treating everyone with respect, and ensuring your data's safety. Dive into our policies to see how we put these commitments into action.

Here are the links to our policies:

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