Flood defence starts with the right tools

Discover our comprehensive Home Flood Protection selection, your all-in-one solution to safeguard your property from the destructive effects of floods. As we navigate an era of increasingly erratic weather, securing your home with effective flood defenses has never been more crucial. Dive deeper to learn how our top-tier flood protection products can reinforce your home, granting you serenity regardless of the weather conditions.

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How do you protect your home from floodwater?

Protecting your home from floodwater involves a combination of strategic planning and the right tools. Our product range includes innovative solutions like the Floodshield Door Barrier, Floodsax, Osmo Barrier, and Flood Cube, each designed to address different aspects of flood defence.

  • Floodshield Barrier:

    Our award winning lightweight barrier is your first line of door defence and is easily deployed without tools in doorways to prevent water from entering your home.

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  • Floodsax:

    Acting like sandbags but far more efficient and easier to store, Floodsax are quick to deploy and can be placed around entry points and low-lying areas to absorb water.

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  • Osmo Barrier:

    Utilising the power of absorption, this barrier swells upon contact with water, creating a sturdy barrier that blocks floodwaters from breaching your property lines.

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  • Flood Cube:

    Designed for versatility, Flood Cubes can be quickly activated and stacked to form a robust barrier, just like sandbags but without the hassle and back ache.

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How do you stop floodwater entering your properties weak points?

Stopping floodwater at its source is crucial to keeping your property dry and damage-free. In addition to the Floodshield, our range includes the Floodbrick and Toilet Stopper, each serving a unique purpose in flood defence.

Floodbrick Barrier: Our air brick covers can be quickly deployed to stop flood water entering through the ventilation bricks built into your property.

Toilet Stopper: An often-overlooked entry point for floodwater, the toilet, can be safeguarded with our innovative stopper, preventing backflow from sewage lines during flooding.

Why choose the Floodshield Door Barrier

The Floodshield Door Barrier stands out for its ease of use, effectiveness, and reliability. It's a product born out of years of research and real-world testing, designed to offer a high level of protection.

Ease of Installation: No tools or permanent modifications are required

Proven Effectiveness: Rigorously tested in both lab and real-world conditions

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of door sizes and types

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install these products myself?

Absolutely. Our products are designed with homeowners in mind, ensuring that anyone can install them without professional help or special tools.

Are these products effective against all types of floods?

While no product can guarantee 100% protection against all flood scenarios, our range is designed to significantly reduce the risk of water damage from most common flooding events.

How quickly can I deploy these flood protection solutions in an emergency?

Our products are designed for rapid deployment. For example, the Floodshield Door Barrier can be installed in minutes, and Floodsax are instantly ready to absorb water upon contact.

How often do I need to replace my flood protection products?

Most of our flood protection products, including the Floodshield Door Barrier, are designed for durability and long-term use. Regular maintenance and proper storage will extend their lifespan, with replacement generally only necessary if visible damage occurs. Other flood products we offer are one time use and will need to be disposed of after each use.

Can the Floodshield Door Barrier be used on back doors and patio doors?

Yes, the Floodshield Door Barrier is versatile and can be used on a variety of door types, including front, back, and patio doors, provided they fall within the size specifications.

Flood protection for your entire property:

  • Doors

    Our door protection offers various solutions to stop water entering your property.

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  • Garages

    View our garage defences to stop floodwater entering this wide entrance point.

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  • Driveways

    Our driveways flood range has everything you need to divert floods from your drive.

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  • Air Bricks

    Protect your property from floods by covering your ventilation air bricks.

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