Complete flood protection for new build projects

Planning approved flood barrier solutions

Demand for new houses in the UK continues to rise, whilst at the same time, local authorities are increasing the burden on house builders to construct on historic flood plains, or land deemed to be flood risk.

Floodshield is the perfect partner to help you meet the flood protection requirements of your planning consent, whilst protecting the aspect of your development which is so important to selling plots.

Trusted by major house builders

Working with you to deliver flood protection & meet planning requirements

We work closely with House builders around the country - from owner-managed, single-home developers, through regional housing specialists, to some of the largest house builders in the UK.

We understand that whilst you may have raised the height of the land, and put in the required drainage, the Planning Committee may also require you to take extra steps to protect new build properties, and our flood solutions can help.

Our flood protection can help with planning requirements

By utilising our flood protection systems, house builders can not only meet but surpass strict planning and environmental regulations, making sure developments are compliant and well-protected against the rising risk of flooding.

  • Provide flood barriers for all doorways in the properties

  • Ensure air bricks are flood approved

  • Install non-return valves in all drainage outlets

  • Supply a store of flood protection measures for the estate

Flood solutions that deliver all round benefits

Our comprehensive range of flood protection solutions not only secures properties from water damage but also enhances the overall value and resilience of new constructions, offering house builders a competitive edge in today’s market.

  • Outward opening door barriers

    We can custom build barriers for all types of doors, including outward opening doors, double doors and patio doors.

  • Convenient storage solutions

    The barriers to protect a property can be neatly packaged together for storage out of the way in the garage or loft.

  • No permanent fixings

    Our Floodshield flood barriers don't require fixtures to be attached to the doorframes, meaning the beautiful frontage of the new home is not spoilt.

  • Communal flood protection

    We can provide locked "bins" in communal areas containing sandless sandbags and barriers for protecting large spans, and clean up materials for use as required

Why Floodshield?

Floodshield distinguishes itself by providing cutting-edge, trustworthy solutions that blend effortlessly with new developments, guaranteeing that both builders and future inhabitants possess the utmost level of flood resilience. Our offerings are crafted to satisfy rigorous planning criteria, delivering an all-encompassing flood defence strategy that boosts safety, property value, and ecological sustainability.

  • Comes ready to use

    Floodshield is ready to attach to your door straight out of the box, no assembly required

  • Fitted in minutes

    Just position the seal across the outside surface of the doorframe and adjust clips into position

  • No tools required

    Floodshield is attached by hand adjusted clips, without the need to find tools in an emergency

  • Built to fit

    Alongisde standard sizes, we can build bespoke size barriers

  • Designed to last

    Durable and hard wearing, does not need to be replaced like sandbags

  • Performance tested

    Tested in a purpose built flood simulation station as well as real flood situations

  • No fixtures or alterations

    No unsightly fittings on your property and suitable for listed buildings

  • No survey required

    No need for additional expense of contractors or services

  • Cannot be stolen

    Once your door is closed, the barrier cannot be removed from the outside

Frequentlyasked questions

What are the key flood protection solutions available for housebuilders?

Our range of flood protection solutions for housebuilders includes door barriers, airbrick covers, non-return valves for drainage systems, and water-filled barriers. These products are designed to integrate seamlessly with new constructions, offering both temporary and permanent protection against flood damage.

How can Floodshield products be incorporated into new building projects?

Floodshield products can be easily incorporated into new building projects by including them in the initial design phase. This ensures that flood resilience is built into the property from the start, with options like airbrick covers and non-return valves being installed during construction, and door barriers and water-filled barriers planned for easy deployment.

Are Floodshield's solutions customisable for different types of properties?

Yes, our flood protection solutions are highly customisable to fit various types of properties, from residential homes to commercial buildings. We offer a range of sizes and protection levels to ensure that each building gets the most effective defence against flood risks.

What makes Floodshield's solutions ideal for housebuilders?

Floodshield's solutions are designed for ease of installation, effectiveness, and minimal aesthetic impact on the property. They are an ideal choice for house builders looking to add value to their projects by enhancing flood resilience, without compromising on design or requiring extensive modification to existing plans.

How does Floodshield support house builders?

Floodshield offers consultation services to house builders, providing expert advice on the best flood protection measures for their specific projects. We can assist in planning, product selection, and even offer training for installation teams to ensure that our solutions are implemented effectively and seamlessly into new constructions

Ready to discuss your requirements?

Commercial flood defence options:

  • Bespoke Barrier Service

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  • Large Scale Barriers

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  • Large Door Floodshield

    Our award winning flood door barrier just got super sized.

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