Simple but effective door flood defence

Position, clip and close your door for instant protection

When considering flood protection is it essential that you fully understand how it works and how to deploy it quickly in the time arises. Our goal is to clarify how the Floodshield Barrier works, illustrating how this inventive door flood barrier guarantees the protection and dryness of your home or business.

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How does the barrier work?

Using the force of floodwater to to stop it entering your property

The Floodshield Door Barrier is crafted to protect the single inward opening doors of your property against water intrusion. It functions on a straightforward yet profoundly effective concept: using the pressure of floodwater to form a strong, watertight seal around your door to block floodwater entry. Distinguished by its simplicity of deployment and the extensive protection it provides, this barrier is an essential component in your arsenal for flood defence.

How does the barrier clip in place?

Effortless installation, no need for tools, permanent alterations, or technical expertise

The barrier includes adjustable clips that firmly fasten to the flat exterior of your door frame. These clips are engineered to fit a broad spectrum of door dimensions and designs, guaranteeing a tight seal essential for efficient flood defence. Tailoring the clips to match your door's specifications is simple, ensuring the installation is swift and hassle-free.

How does it stop water entering the property?

A watertight seal with the door frame sealing off any possible entry points

This sealing capability is a result of the barrier's design, incorporating a pliable yet resilient material that moulds to the unique contours of your door frame, leaving no space unsealed. The increasing pressure from ascending floodwaters intensifies the seal's firmness, adding an extra safeguard to maintain your property's dryness.

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Watch the Floodshield in action:

  • Prepare the Barrier:

    Begin by adjusting the clips on the Floodshield Barrier to match the width of your door frame.

  • Position the Barrier:

    Hold the barrier against the door frame, ensuring that it's level and covers the entire opening.

  • Secure the Clips:

    Press the clips firmly into place against the door frame, making sure they are tightly fastened and the barrier is securely mounted.

  • Check the Seal:

    Once installed, inspect the seal around the entire door frame to confirm there are no gaps or loose areas.

Will the barrier fit your door?

Floodshield door barriers come in 6 standard width and is designed for standard single, inward opening doors, working best with frames in good condition. 

Not sure if it will work on your door?

Just email us a photo and we'll check!

  • Comes ready to use

    Floodshield is ready to attach to your door straight out of the box, no assembly required

  • Fitted in minutes

    Just position the seal across the outside surface of the doorframe and adjust clips into position

  • No tools required

    Floodshield is attached by hand adjusted clips, without the need to find tools in an emergency

  • 6 standard widths

    Fits the vast majority of single doors, whatever the frame material

  • Designed to last

    Durable and hard wearing, does not need to be replaced like sandbags

  • Performance tested

    Tested in a purpose built flood simulation station as well as real flood situations

  • No fixtures or alterations

    No unsightly fittings on your property and suitable for listed buildings

  • No survey required

    No need for additional expense of contractors or services

  • Cannot be stolen

    Once your door is closed, the barrier cannot be removed from the outside

Frequently asked questions

Can the Floodshield Barrier ensure my home stays dry during a flood?

Yes, the Floodshield Barrier is specifically engineered to keep water out of your home during flooding. Its design and materials have been rigorously tested under both simulated and actual flood conditions, proving its effectiveness in creating a watertight seal around doorways.

What range of door widths can the Floodshield accommodate?

The Floodshield Barrier is designed with versatility in mind, fitting door widths from 760mm up to 960mm, whilst we can also manufacture barriers for double doors and wider entrances on demand. This range ensures that it can protect a wide variety of residential and commercial doors from flood water ingress.

How do I know which Floodshield model is right for my door type?

The choice between a Standard Floodshield and a uPVC Floodshield depends on the design of your doorframe. For frames with a continuous bottom threshold, a uPVC Floodshield is suitable, whereas the Standard Floodshield is intended for all other doorframe types.

My doorframe is unusually deep; can Floodshield still fit?

Yes, the Floodshield Barrier is equipped with adjustable bolts, standardly at 50mm, to fit a range of doorframe depths. For deeper frames, longer bolts are available to ensure a secure and effective flood defence.

How complex is the installation process for a Floodshield Barrier?

The installation of the Floodshield Barrier is designed to be incredibly straightforward, requiring no special tools or permanent alterations to your home. The clips adjust easily to your doorframe, allowing for a quick setup, especially critical in emergency situations.

Do I need to use any tools or make permanent changes to install the Floodshield?

No, the Floodshield Barrier’s design eliminates the need for tools or permanent modifications to your property. Its clip-on mechanism ensures a simple, non-intrusive installation process.

What is the height of the Floodshield Barrier?

The Floodshield Barrier stands at a height of 58cm (approximately 2 feet), providing ample protection against floodwaters and ensuring your property is safeguarded during flooding events.

Is the Floodshield Barrier easy to handle and install by anyone?

Absolutely, weighing just 5kg, the Floodshield Barrier is designed for ease of handling and can be installed by individuals of all ages, ensuring quick deployment whenever needed.

With regular deployment, how durable is the Floodshield Barrier?

Constructed from high-quality Polypropylene, the Floodshield Barrier is built for durability, capable of withstanding frequent use over time without degradation, ensuring long-term protection against floods.

What kind of after-purchase support does Floodshield offer?

Every purchase of the Floodshield Barrier is supported by a 2-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee, highlighting our confidence in its quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction and support.

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