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FloodBrick Air Brick Cover

FloodBrick Air Brick Cover

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Effective Floodwater Prevention

- Stop flood water coming through air bricks

- Easy to install in minutes

- Can be cleaned and reused

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It's easy to overlook the humble air brick, but did you know that during a flood, it can allow up to 50,000 litres of water an hour into your home?

That's where Floodbrick Cover comes to the rescue! Our specially engineered flood barriers are designed to prevent the massive influx of water through these often-forgotten vents.

How does the Floodbrick Cover work?

Air bricks are special bricks equipped with openings situated close to ground level, allowing ventilation beneath your floorboards. Integral to the standard construction of a house, they allow the home to 'breathe.' However, in the event of a flood, they can become susceptible entry points!

Avoiding this scenario is achievable through the using the Floodbrick Cover – a purpose-built flood barrier meticulously designed to halt the substantial flow of water through these frequently neglected vents. The Floodbrick barrier is offered in both single and double air brick sizes, and there's also the flexibility to opt for custom-sized covers, ensuring a tailored solution that perfectly fits your home.

The air brick barrier is designed to be very small and neat, and have no permanent fixings left in place, unlike many others on the market. Because the wide variety of styles and sizes of air bricks, we custom make each air brick cover to the customer's requirements.

Please note, if you order a custom size we shall contact you after you order to obtain the exact measurements required, and to identify the location of the fixings.

What are the benefits of using Floodbrick Cover

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing the Floodbrick cover:

  • Flood Prevention: The Floodbrick Cover serves as an effective flood barrier, preventing the ingress of water through air bricks during flooding events. This specialised cover is engineered to halt the large influx of water that can occur through the vulnerable ventilation points under the floorboards, providing crucial protection for homes.
  • Compact and Neat Design: Unlike many other flood protection solutions on the market, the Floodbrick Cover features a small and neat design. The protection covers and fixings are discreet and do not compromise the aesthetics of the property. This ensures that the flood protection is not only functional but also visually unobtrusive.
  • Independent Fixing System: The cover's fixing system is independent of the air brick itself, minimising the risk of damage. This design eliminates concerns about over tightening, breakage, or blockage of the air brick. The small and robust fixings provide a secure attachment without compromising the structural integrity of the air brick.
  • Easy Installation: The Floodbrick Cover is designed for easy installation, requiring only two fixing points. The process involves inserting plastic plugs into the air brick, securing the cover with bolts, and tightening them using the provided allen key. This straightforward installation process ensures that homeowners can quickly and efficiently protect their property against potential flood risks.
  • Customisation for Varied Air brick Sizes: Recognising the diversity in styles and sizes of air bricks, the Floodbrick Cover offers custom-made solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each customer. This versatility ensures that the cover fits seamlessly with different air brick configurations, providing an optimal and personalised flood protection solution for various homes.

How to use the Floodbrick Cover

Our protective covers are compact and neat, setting them apart from many others on the market. The best part? They work independently of the airbrick, ensuring there's no risk of the air brick breaking due to over-tightening or getting blocked. Plus, when you take off the air brick covers, you won't find any permanent fixings left behind.

Let's talk installation – it's a breeze! All you need are two fixing points. Pop those plastic plugs into the air brick, one in the top right corner and the other in the bottom left corner. Then, slide the bolts through the holes in the cover, aligning them with the plugs in the airbrick. Give those bolts a good, snug tightening with the allen key provided, and voila – a secure and strong grip.

Remember, they are not meant to be a permanent fixture. Once the floodwaters have receded and the coast is clear, it's time to remove the air brick cover. This simple act allows the sweet flow of air back into your space through the existing air brick. Forget to do so, and you might end up with some unwanted damp inside your home.

If you have any questions or need further advice on this product, then contact our team.

Here is further product information and specifications:

Kit includes: 1 x Floodbrick Cover, 2 x Fixing Bolts, 2x Plastic Plugs & 1 x Allen Key

Usage: Reusable

If you have any questions or need further advice on this product, then contact our team.

How to install the Floodbrick Cover

Once the threat of flood has passed, rinse them with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly before storing away for future use.

  • Prepare your air brick

    Ensure your air brick is clean and completely clear of any debris, twigs and leaves to ensure a strong seal between the cover and brick.

  • STEP 2 - Insert plastic plugs

    Push the plastic plugs into the air brick, one in the top right corner, and the other in the bottom left corner. 

    For the smaller covers adjust the position of the plugs to align with the holes in the cover.

  • STEP3 - Attach brick cover

    Put the bolts through holes in the cover, align these with the plugs in the air brick and then tighten bolts using the allen key provided ensuring a strong grip is achieved.

How to clean and store the Floodbrick Cover

Simply rinse the cover with a mild detergent and allow it to dry thoroughly before storing away for future use.

If you have any questions or need further advice on this product, then contact our team.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Sweeney
Overpriced rubbish

Overpriced and came without any fixings into a vent

Hi Paul - I'm very sorry to hear there were no fixings with your air brick cover. If you can send us an email then we can arrange to send you through some replacements, or if you are not satisfied with the product, we are more than happy to give you a full refund.
Many thanks

Miles Felton
Sax and covers

They arrived and are now available in extremis. Since delivery the local flood defence earthworks have been enlarged....thanks.

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