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Spill Monster Absorbent Powder

Spill Monster Absorbent Powder

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The super absorbent spill control powder

- Anti-bacteria and odour eliminating

- Non-toxic, food and pet safe

- Works on any liquid

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Introducing Spill Monster - your ultimate spill and flood cleanup companion. Say goodbye to the hassle of wet messes with our highly-absorbent, anti-bacterial powder. Whether it's carpets, curtains, wood flooring, or sofas, Spill Monster tackles any surface with ease.

Absorbing up to 10 times its volume in water and 50 times in other liquids, it's your go-to solution for water, oil, paint, and more. With Spill Monster, neutralise bacteria, remove smells, and ensure safety with its non-toxic, food and pet-safe formula. Don't wait for a disaster, be prepared with Spill Monster at hand.

How does the Spill Monster work?

Spill Monster operates like a marvel, effortlessly absorbing spills and floods. Crafted as a highly absorbent, anti-microbial powder, it conquers any damp surface, be it carpets or sofas. Simply sprinkle generously, blend it in with a brush, and allow Spill Monster to work its wonders. It greedily absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water and an astonishing 50 times in other liquids, spanning from water to oil and paint. Post-application, effortlessly vacuum up the Spill Monster, and presto! Say goodbye to moisture, odour’s, and bacteria.

What are the benefits of using Spill Monster?

Using Spill Monster offers a plethora of benefits for handling spills and floods. Firstly, its remarkable absorbency, capable of soaking up to 10 times its weight in water and an impressive 50 times in other liquids, ensures swift and efficient cleanup on any wet surface.

Its anti-bacterial properties provide peace of mind by neutralizing harmful bacteria, while its non-staining formula guarantees no unsightly marks left behind. Moreover, Spill Monster's versatility allows it to tackle various liquids, from water to oil, paint, glue, and more, on any surface imaginable.

With its non-toxic, food and pet-safe composition, Spill Monster ensures safety while leaving surfaces non-slippery.

Key features of the Spill Monster:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Works on any liquid
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Non-staining
  • Removed smells
  • Non-toxic and food and pet safe
  • Leaves a non-slip surface

How to use the Spill Monster?

Using Spill Monster couldn't be easier. Simply identify the wet area from flooding or spillage, whether it's carpets, curtains, wood flooring, rugs, or sofas. Then, open your tub of Spill Monster and generously sprinkle the powder over the affected surface.

Next, use a brush to work the powder into the area, ensuring thorough coverage. If the surface still appears wet, add more powder and continue working it in.

Once the Spill Monster has done its job, simply vacuum it up from the surface. You'll find that not only is the moisture gone, but any unpleasant smells are removed, and bacteria are neutralised.

With Spill Monster's non-toxic and food-safe formula, you can rest assured that it's safe for both you and your pets.

When and where can you use Spill Monster?

Spill Monster is your go-to solution for handling spills and floods anytime, anywhere. Whether it's at home, in the office, or any other indoor space, Spill Monster is ready to tackle the mess. From carpets to curtains, wood flooring to rugs, sofas to any surface imaginable, Spill Monster can be sprinkled liberally to absorb the moisture effectively.

Its versatility knows no bounds, as it can handle various liquids including water, oil, paint, glue, blood, vomit, and more. With its non-staining formula, you can use Spill Monster with confidence on any surface without worrying about leaving marks behind. Plus, its anti-bacterial properties ensure that harmful bacteria are neutralised, making it ideal for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

Whether it's a minor spill or a major flood, Spill Monster is your trusted companion for quick and efficient cleanup.

To find out more about the Spill Monster, visit their website

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Here is further product information and specifications:

Pack Size: 500ml Shaker / 5ltr Tub

Absorbency: 10x its own volume in water, and up to 50x its own volume in other liquids

Usage: Singe usage

If you have any questions or need further advice on this product, then contact our team.

How to use the Spill Monster?

Follow these simple steps to use the Spill Monster:

  1. Get Ready:

    Put on any protective gear you prefer, such as gloves, goggles, or a mask if desired, although Spill Monster is safe to handle without them.

  2. Spread Spill Monster:

    Take your Spill Monster and generously sprinkle it over the spill or floodwater. Be assertive and thorough to ensure effective coverage.

  3. Get Mixing:

    Allow the absorbent granules to work their magic or use a spoon to mix them into the affected area. This helps maximise absorption.

  4. Clean up:

    Once the Spill Monster has absorbed the liquid and done its job, simply sweep up the granules with a broom and dispose of them in the trash. Ensure thorough cleanup for a pristine finish.

With Spill Monster, you'll find that handling spills and floods becomes a breeze, leaving behind clean, dry surfaces without any hassle.

If you have any questions or need further advice on this product, then contact our team.

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Spill Monster Absorbent Powder

Eats spills. Kills germs. Swallows odours.

Have Spill Monster on hand for your next emergency, he will contain and clean up any spill in a flash, stopping contamination and nasty tumbles before they even have a chance.

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