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Patio Doors and Garages

Floodshield if perfect for most front doors, but often houses will have wider entrances into their buildings which need sealing against flood waters. The most common are patio doors and garages, but can also include sheds, bi-fold doors, and even entire driveways.

To protect these areas, we offer the fantastic FloodSax sandless sandbag, and the flexible Osmo flood barrier.

Un-used, the FloodSax weigh as little as 200g, and only need a quick soak in a bucket of water to expand into a 20kg sandbag. A box of 20 FloodSax will protect a 2 metre opening to a height of around 60cm. And when the flood water subsides, the FloodSax can be dried out and stored easily for use again.

Osmo flood barriers are single use, long barriers designed to quickly be put in place when needed. They can't be built as high as FloodSax, but they can be in place in minutes.

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